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My nutritional therapy consultations are person centred and non judgemental. By taking a holistic approach to your health and taking into consideration your current lifestyle I aim to optimise your health and wellbeing to its highest potential with a bespoke nutritional plan for you to follow

Healing is a matter of time and also a matter of opportunity Hippocrates

Meet Sonia

Nutritional Therapist

My journey in nutrition started as a child, influenced primarily by my mother.  My mother was a avid follower of the ayurvedic traditions and  I grew up in household where dietary habits were formed with a holistic approach in mind. 

Having strayed from a balanced and nutrient dense diet and adopting the western diet for several years (during my teenage years). I began to struggle with IBS and the conventional medication would only mask the symptoms but not address the root causes. I at this time started to conduct a lot of my own research and to cut a long story short through dietary intervention I was able to restore my health. This was a real eureka moment for me as I realised how much the food we put inside our bodies either promotes our health, or destroys our health. I was inspired to learn more about food and went on to study Biomedicine, Human Sciences and Naturopathic Nutrition as a result.

As a Nutritional Therapist I believe everyone has the right to good health. I conduct my consultations in a person centred approach in a non judgemental and empathetic environment. The consultation can be conducted via skype/zoom or in person. The consultation will cover any  health concerns you have and we will look at every system in the body to keep our approach holistic. Using the latest evidence based nutritional science I will develop a bespoke  nutritional plan for you to incorporate into your life, baring in mind your current lifestyle. My aim is to deliver a nourishing dietary plan for you which will be the building blocks to a long term lifestyle change and not a short term fad diet. 

Food is a very important aspect of our lives and should be enjoyed - my aim is to inspire you to identify and eat the foods that are harmonious to your body and to also inspire you to be more creative with your meals and enjoy a varied diet. 

What is health? I believe it is abundant vitality - comprising of the best physical, mental and emotional state. Here at Nutrition for Body Mind and Soul we believe that to live exuberantly (a word not used often) the health of the body and the health of the mind are equally important.

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Why Naturopathic Nutrition?

It can help with

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Your digestion is a good overall indicator in determining your nutritional status. It is a very important pillar in overall good health. The best food intake lacks potential for well being if the digestive system is sub optimal. Poor digestion and assimilation of food can lead to malabsorption induced health. You are what you therefore absorb. Digestive disorders can manifest in many different forms from constipation, bloating, gastritis to more serious conditions such as Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 


Stress is the non specific response of the body to any demand. It is not the stressor that determines, the trigger of the response is the individual's internal reaction.  Whilst a certain level of stress can be healthy, an excessive amount can cause havoc in the bodies internal system. Typical presenting symptoms are insomnia, depression, fatigue, headache, upset stomach, digestive disturbances, and irritability


Detoxification is the physiological process transforming the toxins in your body to a less harmful (water soluble) state, mainly carried out by the liver.  All detoxification strategies require healthy digestive function. A healthy liver will ensure the detoxification process of the body is carried out.

However, toxins such as medications, unhealthy foods and alcohol to name a few, can take a toll on the liver and theerfore detoxification for the body becomes even more critical in these situations. 

Women's Health
Women's bodies face many challenges throughout life, from menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause as well as many other hormonal changes. Through nutritional therapy you will discover how key nutrients and holistic healing can balance hormones, enhance fertility and boost overall health at all ages. 
Weight Loss

Weight loss is usually a side effect of a balanced diet and balanced lifestyle. I do not promote fad diets and instead focus on a nutrient rich balanced diet with some daily movement so you can reach your ideal weight


Immunity has never been so important in a world that is slowly set to become anti biotic resistant. Our Immune system relies on many micro nutrients to function at its best, this can be achieved with a nutrient rich diet. When we have a compromised immune system we are mote likely to get ill and even infected. 


“Sonia has a very warm and empathetic nature and listened very carefully to all my concerns - I was at a point in my life where I had to make changes for better health and she assisted me with a plan that worked for me and my lifestyle.”

— Claire 



Initial Consultation (60 - 90 minutes) - £90

Follow up - (45 minutes) - £65

Mini Consultation / Diet Tidy up - ( 60 minutes) - £50


Well-being Bundle - Consultation + 3 Follow ups - £250

Immune Package - (45 minutes) - £45

Weight loss + Rebalance Package - Consultation + 5 Follow ups - £370


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